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Illustrations, Etc.

Tim Riggins approves my Elephant Pillow. 
My friend just got this as a gift from someone! They’ve got excellent taste. 

Test prints and new Le Pens!

I’ve got three new commissioned illustrations in progress. More to share soon! 

This great colorblindness simulator lets you see how someone who is colorblind sees things. This excellent article explains it in depth.

I tested it out on my Elephant illustration. So cool! 

Pics from the road

(goodbye, Savannah)

Elephant cards! I love the way these turned out. I almost didn’t add color to this illustration- I’m so glad I did. 
Just listed these in my newly re-opened Etsy shop:

Cards are in!

Etsy shop imminent. 

More Elephant love

Before and after

Illustration for the Udzungwa Elephant Project