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Illustrations, Etc.

Rainbow bamboo!
Orange panda
Bamboo forest in progress - almost time to color!
Crowned crane illustration inception.
New WIP: Giant Panda
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Crowned Crane: done!

My sister’s wedding invites are in! The illustration I did for them is of the spot in Hawaii where they got engaged. I love doing wedding invites!  They’re so special and personal.

WIP: Crowned Crane

Tim Riggins spotted a spider.
My makeshift art gallery is coming together!
(bonus points for spotting Tim)
WIP: Crowned Crane
Pouncing in 3…2…

Totally personal so feel free not to answer haha. Just curious how much income your illustrations bring in. More interested in whether you've been able to make this a full-time career or do you also have a "job" to help pay the bills! Thanks :)

I don’t mind answering this and I think it’s a valid question. Illustrating is not my full time job, but I have not (yet) pursued it as a full time career.

I actually have a full time job that I love and am pretty passionate about as well, though it has nothing to do with illustrating - I work in TV.

I’m the kind of person (like most of you) who has an eclectic assortment of interests and can’t really pick just one to pursue as a single career. So I have a few different jobs going on, illustration work being one of them. And that’s how I like it.

Starting a new illustration! I’ve been so inspired by farm animals and farm life lately, probably due to my recent visit to The Gentle Barn as well as  this amazing instagram account that I’m obsessed with.    
 My friend Amy works on a farm in Hawaii and she gave me the reference photo for this little lamb!