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Looks like the Zombiepocalypse is upon us good news IT’S ADORABLE
time to color! 
late night stag sketching

Hi, just wondering, for your black outlines, do you use the same markers or do you have special ones? Wondering about bleeding or smudging when you go over the black with other, lighter colours. Thanks!

I use different markers for the outlines than for the color.

Right now I use either LePen technical drawing pens or a Staedtler pigment liner, both in size 0.3. Occasionally I use Prismacolor Premier.

All are pretty awesome when it comes to not smudging. I layer SO much marker over them when I illustrate, including light colors, and almost never have bleeding or smudging. I definitely recommend them! 

Horse commission all done! 
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Horse commission in progress! 

Stages of an illustration: Rhino

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Starry rhino horns.
happy caturday!
WIP: Rhino
rhino sketching

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